A treasure from Kentucky

My husband was in Kentucky on business earlier this week; learning all about how bourbon is distilled - rough life I know...he took lot's of photos of the beautiful country back there and he even popped into an Antique Store. When I looked through his photos I spotted the creamer and sugar pictured below. I have that set and I immediately fell in love with the little square dishes. How perfect for dessert! Well, I called the ladies back in Bardstown, KY Mary's the dishes are available and yes they will ship them to me! My older son said last night "don't we have enough plates"? Come can never have enough cute dishes can you?
My husband also wanted to bring home this antique table above - it's $4,000. but it is gorgeous!

One day perhaps I'll pay a visit to Mary's what a lovely shop Mary has don't you think?

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Allidink said...

Wow neat stuff! Love the table!

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