Christmas Time is Here!

I've been so busy and have not had much blogging time lately! My sister was here to visit last weekend and we had a great time. Poor thing was suffering from her allergies though... We shopped, baked, laughed and just hung out. I think it was nice for her to get out of the Minneapolis cold for a while - we really enjoyed having her here.
I need to get more things posted on the blog - after the holidays I promise :)


Where were all the shoppers??

WOW - what a disappointment to say the least! Debra and I had a great booth set up and lot's of wonderful paintings and treasures...where were all the shoppers?? It was really disappointing to put it mildly. We participated in Christmas at the Cottage Fri and Sat and there were not even a handful of customers. All of the work that went into this show - so many fabulous vendors...oh well we had fun together and were visited by our dear friends Darlene and Jill at the end of the show and enjoyed mexican food under our sweet canopy and twinkle lights! C'est la vie...