I'm off to Austin, TX!

Well tomorrow I am off to visit my dear friend Leanne in Austin, TX. She moved there recently with her family and I can't wait to visit with them and spend time at their new home. We are going to spend most of our time shopping at Roundtop! We're very excited!! Leanne got me hooked on flea markets years ago and has been very generous to me and has given me a good education - whether she realizes it or not - I love to observe her when she shops and she shares such great information! I'll share pictures and more when I return next week.


What I love about my HOME!

I love the cottage feel of my home and that it feels like a home ~ all 1200 square feet of it! I'm a new blogger and am so inspired by the many blogs that I visit and new friends that I am meeting along the way. We have lived here a little over 10 years and have made many changes along the way - the most impactful was our kitchen. I love RED as you may be able to tell by now and it's everywhere. Comfy couches, pillows galore, two teenage boys, our dog Jake and our black cat Catina make our home comfortable and inviting. I hope you like what you see here and will visit often as I have many surprises that I'm working on for the future!

A cute little window box in my living room... A wonderful painting that my husband's grandmother "Ruth" painted and gave to us - she knew I loved RED!
A little reading spot...
and some of my favorite mags!
some yard sale treasures

My workspace and little office...

My wonderful red kitchen hutch...

My backyard...


Autumn is here

It was a beautiful fall weekend here in So. Cal! My attempt to have a yard sale was rained out on Saturday but I did get organized and made a run to drop things off at the Goodwill and I did not go inside either! Today my oldest and I hung out this morning and visit some gals in Orange for their boutique. Of course a bought a few things; some adorable pink cups and saucers and a lovely creamy white vase. They we were off for a walk through Petals and Greens and bought a few more dishes; 5 dessert plates and berry bowls with a sweet floral design and a little ironstone pitcher. We made a pit stop for hot dogs at Jerry's Dogs and then home again.


Learn as we go

ok so we keep learning new things about this blog and thanks to a few fellow bloggers it's even easier! I'm constantly inspired and motivated by fellow bloggers. Amazing photos and ideas are numerous!

Last weekend Joann's Hometown Antiques Mall hosted a Flea Market and I was one of the dealers. It was a beautiful day and over 30 dealers participated. I met many wonderful customers and dealers too! Here are some photos of my space. I have some of Pam's adorable Chenille Pumpkins - if you would like to purchase one please send me a commet.


Happy 1st Birthday Kayden

Kayden turned 1 yesterday! That little Tinkerbell is sooo cute!


September 1st and it's 103 degrees!!

Wow, I can't believe it's already September 1st and it's 103 degrees in the shade!

I made a wonderful friend today and her name is Pam. She's a very talented lady who created an amazing custom canopy for my ez-up. It's just gorgeous and I of course had to set it up in my yard as soon as I came home and called my girlfriends!

I can't wait to use it in a few weeks at the Flea Market. Well enough playing with this blog thing and time to get some salmon on the grill for dinner.