Learn as we go

ok so we keep learning new things about this blog and thanks to a few fellow bloggers it's even easier! I'm constantly inspired and motivated by fellow bloggers. Amazing photos and ideas are numerous!

Last weekend Joann's Hometown Antiques Mall hosted a Flea Market and I was one of the dealers. It was a beautiful day and over 30 dealers participated. I met many wonderful customers and dealers too! Here are some photos of my space. I have some of Pam's adorable Chenille Pumpkins - if you would like to purchase one please send me a commet.

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Prairie Home-Sherry said...

Hi Erin...I'm glad you like my tee shirts. After the event this past weekend I only have a few left...But will be getting more for SURE! Which of the Tee's were you interested in? They come small, medium & large..Great longer length with plenty of stretch, with chrystals added to the crown. They are $30.00.Let me know when you decide...Thank-you!