Show & Tell

Saturday turned out to be an excellent trashing day! One neighborhood and many great finds. A cute little neighborhood near mine was having a neighborhood garage sale. I love these - drive, park and shop. There is an Irish man that I have bought things from before and I purchased a brand new set of (4) Irish Music CD's for $2. From another home I scored a cute little suitecase, a milk glass vase, a couple of oval table/display mirrors and a milk glass urn. The last house I stopped was almost missed because I could not remember if I had gone down that street...she had amazing things!! I bought the little vintage step stool for $5, the glass plant mister for $1, the set of three pink pyrex covered bakers for $8, the set of brand new repro-vintage paper dolls for $2, black wooden tool carrier and the laundry sign for $3. She had the sweetest shabby chic hutch priced at $100. I passed but went back by her house after my errands a few hours later and it was marked down to $60. Luv it - I bought it loaded it in the explorer and took it straight down to JoAnn's Hometown Antique Mall to my little space - even small now with this crammed in. It's adorable with glass cabinets on top, shuttered cabinets in the mid section and another cabinet at the bottom. I'll get a pix posted - hopefully it will sell before I get the chance. My other great find was a practically new Fossil handbag - so cute and perfect for Spring - soft leather, cute shape for a mere $3.

Thursday night the girls and I went to Border's Books and saw one of our favorite authors Jodi Picoult. Her new book sounds like a good one; Change of Heart. She's so interesting to listen to; she talks about her research, favorite books, etc.

Hubby is still hoping for the final word on a job that he really wants - we'll be celebrating for sure when it's a done deal!

Erin Go Braugh ~ Ireland Forever!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Yesterday I baked cupcakes...

and packaged them with a ribbon and sweet card - made deliveries this afternoon to spread some St. Patrick's Day cheer!

We enjoyed corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and carrots tonight. We cooked two of these so that we would have left-overs tomorrow for Rueben Sandwiches - YUMMY!

I received two fabulous vintage Irish postcards today from a friend - it was a good day. My sister said that she wished my nephew a Happy St. Patrick's Day this morning and his response was "it's not his day - he just had a birthday" referring to my oldest "Patrick" who just turned 15 a few weeks ago -


The Absent Blogger!

I have not really been in the blogging mood lately! Things going on here at home that have taken my focus like trying to help hubby find a new job. Lot's of irons in the fire so to speak and we're feeling really good about two of them - one would be a pretty major career change but one that he has wanted to get into for a while. Fingers and toes are crossed and putting our faith in God!

I cleaned out the garage last weekend and it was a successful "Garage Sale" I advertised "Antique Dealer with Excess Inventory" I met some new dealers and caught up with some familiar faces and managed to clear out some space so that hopefully the kids will have use of their pool table again very soon.

Our oldest son turned 15 on Sunday - where does the time go? We gave him $$ and an electric shaver :) Not much fuzz to shave but he loved it as he had shared with us that morning that he used a friends. We enjoyed dinner at a neighborhood Japanese restaurant and were entertained by our Chef! We ended the evening at home with his favorite home-made carrot cake.

Saturday night is girls night and we're going to see this girl! Luv her and luv her music! Can't wait!