Happy New Year!

Wishing you a safe and joyous New Year! 2009 was a wonderful year and we hope that 2010 brings many blessings and more good times with family and friends! XO


Happy Holidays from Minnesota!

We are here in Minneapolis for a few days. We flew here the day after Christmas - my sisters birthday and we showed up at her front door - much to her surprise! Her husband was in on the visit but she had no idea that we were flying in from So. Cal to surprise her. We have spent the last few days sledding and playing in the snow with my niece and nephew who are 3 and 5 years old. We head back home on 12/31 until then we plan to do a lot more sledding, ice skating and drinking lot's of hot cocoa.


4 Heads Being Shaved

Yes, an unusual title for a blog post...enjoy (or not) a video that my youngest and some of his running friends put together in honor of their librarian and the mother of one of their cross country coaches from last year. My son is the second one to shave his boys are really awesome!


Cake Boss

Our new favorite show on TLC is Cake Boss. The cakes that Buddy and his family create are simply amazing. Their Italian family is hilarious and I am craving cannoli's right now after watching one of the episodes - once a year they sell cannoli's for 25. each!! If you have not yet watched the show - you must!
Here's an easy recipe that my mom sent my sister and I last week;

Happiness Cake
1 C good thoughts
1 C kind deeds
2 well beaten thoughts
1 C consideration
2 C sacrifice
3 C forgiveness

Mix thoroughly. Add tears of joy, sorrow and sympathy. Flavor with love and kindly service. Fold in 4 cups of prayers and faith. Blend well. Fold into daily life. Bake well with warmth of human kindness and serve with a smile any time. It will satisfy the hunger of starved souls.


Christmas Under the Stars

Tonight I am in Costa Mesa at the Piecemakers Christmas Under the Stars Holiday Show! Please come by for a visit, we are here this evening until 9pm and again tomorrow from 9am-4pm. I have wonderful treasures; glass cloches, burlap pillows, lavender sachets, glittery houses and churches, and oh so much more! If you come by and mention this post you will receive 10% off of your purchase. Happy Holiday Shopping!


End of the Season

We spent the weekend in Fresno at the CIF State Championship race for Cross Country. We had a great time and we are so proud of the boys! The team finished 6th in the state of CA - quite an accomplishment and I know they will be back next year hungry for more. The weather was gorgeous, crisp, cold and the leaves in the park were changing colors. Congratulations THHS Boy's Cross Country - you are awesome, we're so very proud!


"Are you a Shabby Girl?" asked Rachel Ashwell

I had the privelege of meeting Rachel Ashwell last Sunday at Country Roads Antiques in Old Town Orange! She was a delight! Very down to earth as she asked us to gather around while she shared some stories about her latest book Shabby Chic Interiors.

She shared stories about some of the photographs in the book; one photo that was to be the cover in the end was not. It shows her seated with lot's of vintage prom dresses in the background. She said that an hour before the shot was taken she had learned that her business was at a turning point that she had dreaded. She wrote most of the book on her blackberry in a small basement flat in London. It sounds a bit romanic but I think she was truly going through such a horrible time in her life - she said she just wanted to be underground.
She was so pleasant and friendly and I have such a respect for her now after listening to her tell a bit of her story. Sue of Country Roads and her family put on a wonderful event. The food was catered by Paris in a Cup. Such a yummy treat that we decided to head over there for lunch; sinful baked potato soup and tea sandwiches were my choice - absolutely delicous!


Relationship Crossroads

Why must relationships be so hard? No matter what happens they are. Whether it is a relationship with parents, friends, co-workers, a spouse or child - sometimes they are just very painful. I have to honestly say that I am at a crossroads with a few relationships that are very dear to me and it's very hurtful, you can either close your eyes, take a deep breath and move on or hold a grudge. Unfortunately I have a tendency to hold a grudge.I've done a lot of soul searching lately and I have realized that I am certainly half of the problem but I have also done a lot of re-evaluation of some relationships and I just don't know how much effort I want to continue to put into some of them. As I roll into my mid forties I'm trying to be a much more forgiving person but I also don't want to be taken advantage of. I want to surround myself with people that bring me joy and share the same interests as me and are passionate about the things that they are involved in. Life is just too short you know? I want to be spontaneous and enjoy every moment! Don't get me wrong...I definitely have many wonderful dear friends and a husband that I adore and my boys are the greatest gift - just thinking about this more lately because some of my relationships are definitely at a crossroads...

Repeated frustrations and disappointments are always a reflection of repeated misunderstandings and presumptions.


New Shop Arrivals

I've been busy today getting items listed on my Etsy Shop This set of Haviland Limoges dishes are just dreamy aren't they? So delicate and shabby chic, perfect for a special birthday or shower luncheon or even just a Sunday afternoon tea with friends!
I recently found a few of these folding yardsticks - they are fun and can be formed into many shapes; stars, crowns...
I kept some of these rooster juice glasses for myself but I want to share some with a lucky shopper too.
This old shabby black kitchen scale is available in the shop too, please note that many of my items include free shipping in the U.S. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Not a care in the world

The thing that's totally different between children and adults is that children have the ability to spontaneously use their imagination to forget what's bothering them and be inspired by every pony, feather, or bug that crosses their path. I really want to be like this more often!


Trick or Treat!

The chili is bubbling on the stove top and the corn bread is in the oven. We are ready to great the little ghosts and goblins with sweets. Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!


Look Mom No Shoes!

Imagine my surprise last weekend when Nick crossed the finish line....

in his socks! I had been snapping pictures and cheering him on the whole race and never noticed that for the first two miles he was running in one shoe...

and that for the last mile he ran only in socks....his time was still incredible...the blisters are still there...what a guy he is!



These are the cute little globes that my sister painted. Mine is unpacked and out on display. I love these!


If people would just start by saying "it's fun," when it seems hard; "I'm happy," when they seem sad; and "I know," when it seems as if they don't, they'd finally discover that it really is, they really are, and they always have.


Flea Market Find

My husband and I have been searching for the perfect Farmhouse Table. We have been to the flea markets, various antique malls, etc. Well, a few weeks ago we spotted a table at the Irvine Flea Market. It included 2 benches and 2 chairs but the problem was all I really wanted was the table, you see I already have several vintage bistro chairs that I plan to use at the table. We thought about the table and decided that we would continue through the next few aisles and see if anything else caught our eye before spending $$$ on this table. I could always re-sell the benches and chairs.

As we rounded the corner of the last aisle we spotted this beauty! The ladies that sold it to us were delightful and it was a real bargain - 1/2 the price of the table we saw earlier! Stop by Flea Market Style for "I'm A Flea Marketeer Party" and share your flea market finds - this is my latest treasure! We love it so much that we have moved it into our French Country Kitchen


Off to the Races!

Just a quick post this morning, I'm sitting here listening to the birds chirp at 6am
on a Saturday. Hubby is with friends this weekend - they will cheer on their favorite team at Lambeau field tomorrow in Green Bay, WI! Our youngest is running this morning at OC Champs, he's running varsity today, his coach gave him his varsity uniform yesterday...he's nervous...we're so proud of him, he's a sophomore you know and our "baby". Here he is last weekend finishing 5th for the varsity race in Huntington Beach. It's going to be in the 80's this weekend in So Cal - hard to believe it's the middle of October. I plan to do some comfort food cooking this weekend, read a magazine or two and hang out with my boys - who am I kidding? My teenagers don't want to hang out with me! My oldest is still snoozing in his room and will be for several hours more I am sure - lucky guy! Enjoy your weekend everyone - it's going to be a great one.



My Etsy is finally on-line. Just a few things listed today and many more to come. Please check the shop often, more goodies will be listed daily.

Small things

Appreciating the small things...I’m certain that I don’t do this enough. I realized this even more as I watched Stephanie Nielson’s appearance on Oprah last night when I got home and I was very moved…who was not? I have been following her blog for a little bit now and she and her husband are truly amazing. Her struggle to recover from the plane crash that left most of her body badly burned and the heartache she endured over her children’s feelings towards her drastic change in appearance really got to me. A woman from So Cal spent a day with Stephanie on the premise that this woman felt that her life of being a homemaker was very mundane, play dough made her sick and she hated making school lunches, blah, blah, blah. I’m a working mom and if I could turn back the clock I probably would have tried to make it work financially for me to stay home with my kids but we can’t turn back the clock and it's such a waste of time to have regrets. One thing that I can do is enjoy what my son’s are interested in; running and hip hop music. I’m not a runner anymore and could not possibly keep up with my 15 year olds 5 minute mile pace but I can be an enthusiastic spectator at his cross country meets and take lot’s of photos of him and his friends. I honestly hate to miss a race because I know that there may not be many left should he choose at some point to stop (please don’t Nick – you’re an awesome runner and I love to watch you, you make it look so easy).

I’m not a rapper either but I can support my 16 year olds dream to record music, write lyrics and perform. You’re a very talented boy and I think you will go far, keep following your dreams.

Have you noticed, that the more you hurry, the slower you go?

The more you wait, the longer it takes?

The more you worry, the less you dream?

But the more you live, love, and laugh, the more you live, love, and laugh.

Have a great week - without regrets!



Roberta of Tresor Trouve is the winner of my give-away. Please send me your address and I'll get your package into the mail when I return next week from a trip to visit family and friends in the Midwest.


An Afternoon in Old Town Orange

Yesterday my hubby and I made a quick trip to Old Town Orange. We stopped for lunch at a new restaurant Haven and enjoyed mussels, flat bread and an icy cold beer. Then we shopped, we're searching for a farm/harvest table for our patio. The first shop we stopped into was The Victoria Co. All decked-out for autumn the shop was packed to the ceiling (literally) with scrumptious treasures. If you have never been to this shop you must stop by. It's very long and narrow and the merchandise she has is just wonderful. I picked up a birthday gift for a friend and that I could not resist - can't show a photo as she does peek at this blog occasionally. I always enjoy browsing through the Victoria Co. and all the other wonderful shops in this quant town straight out of the past.
One-of-a-kind pillows, vintage treasures and so much more!

She has vintage table cloths in every color scheme - they are so wonderful...
We did not find our table on this trip but we purchased a birthday gift for my nephew who I am visiting next week in MN. We'll keep hunting - that is half the fun!
Have a great week and don't forget to leave a comment on my post below for my 2nd anniversary blog-give away! Hugs,


2nd Anniversary Give-away!

Summer is coming to a close...the kids go back to school tomorrow. The photo below was the view from our ocean-front vacation home in Newport Beach. The kids had such a great time spending their days playing frisbee, smash-ball, skim boarding and biking into town for pizza. We enjoyed wonderful meals, fruity cocktails and bonfires on the beach. Walking along the board-walk in the evenings and peaking into some of the gorgeous homes inspired us to buy lottery tickets. My friends and I all had our homes picked out should we be the lucky ones. Lottery winners we were not but wonderful memories were made and plans for another trip next year were unanimous. In celebration of my blogs 2 year anniversary I am having a give-away, just a few of my favorite things that I want to share with all of you. I came upon blogging my accident as a searched for tea party information a few years ago. The first blog I was introduced to was The T-Cozy Susan had a wonderful tea house and shop that has since closed but her blog and etsy site remain an inspiration. In honor of my love to shop the Flea Markets the lucky one will receive this adorable bag made from vintage fabric - perfect for that shopping trip.
Also included will be this wonderful book Gardenhouse and these sweet oversize embroidered napkins.
a vintage cookie plate for sweets and for the Dreamer in all of us a little inspiration to keep us chasing after our Dreams no matter what they are!
All you have to do to enter my give away is leave a comment. If you become one of my followers I'll add your name in a second time and...If you blog about this giveaway and link back to me, I'll add your name a 3rd time (please let me know in your comment that you'll be doing so). The lucky winner's name will be drawn on Saturday, September 19.
Thank you for blogging friendships and for stopping by every once in a while to take a peak here at Tresors Marche. I hope to have my Etsy shop up very, very soon!


"My" Gardenhouse Inspirations

I'm loving this book! My friend Laura gave it to me and it has such wonderful and simple inspirations...I love the chippy/rusty stool! I have the dish rack pictured below. I need use in my kitchen to display some of my transfer ware.
I love old bistro chairs. I have 4 on my patio. I'm still in search of the perfect narrow farm table for my patio.
looking through this book has me inspired to look through some of my treasures and give my patio a little fluffing!
We're headed for some R&R down at the beach. We're renting a beach house with some of our besties - it should be a wonderfully relaxing time ~ with 8 teenagers! lot's of magazines, books, food and of course a little rum and pineapple! I'll be posting my 2-year anniversary give-away when I return - 2 years of blogging that is. Take care!