"My" Gardenhouse Inspirations

I'm loving this book! My friend Laura gave it to me and it has such wonderful and simple inspirations...I love the chippy/rusty stool! I have the dish rack pictured below. I need use in my kitchen to display some of my transfer ware.
I love old bistro chairs. I have 4 on my patio. I'm still in search of the perfect narrow farm table for my patio.
looking through this book has me inspired to look through some of my treasures and give my patio a little fluffing!
We're headed for some R&R down at the beach. We're renting a beach house with some of our besties - it should be a wonderfully relaxing time ~ with 8 teenagers! lot's of magazines, books, food and of course a little rum and pineapple! I'll be posting my 2-year anniversary give-away when I return - 2 years of blogging that is. Take care!

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Not sure if you are already back from the beach. If so, hope it was fabulous! The best place to be in this heat. great posts....
xo Lidy