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French Press

In our house we use one of these….

every morning….there’s just something a little more romantic about a French press on the table accompanied by a generous pitcher of half & half (the fat free is actually very good by Land O Lakes)…plus I don’t really want to clutter my counter with a coffee maker but I would clutter it with one of these ....someday....
….but until then we use our French press, we have several but prefer the insulated one we purchased a few years ago…my recent dilemma has been our tea kettle…I put the kettle on a few weeks ago and when I went to pour the boiling water into the French press half of the handle detached from the kettle….it had melted off….I purchased this kettle about a year ago and I did not pay much for it…in fact I probably paid the min for it at the maxx…don’t get me wrong I love me some TJ Maxx…where was I? CSN recently asked me to review one of their products and the timing was perfect…I just received the tea kettle that I ordered….
is it not darling! It’s from the Paula Dean line of products and the quality seems very good and I don’t believe the handle will be melting off anytime soon. In fact the handle is very comfortable almost like a silicone grip and it stays cool to the touch…I love the look of the kettle with the vintage goose neck. This one holds 2 quarts of water which is perfect for a pot of coffee or tea…CSN has a fabulous selection of tea kettles and the shipping was very speedy.


Blink and it's gone...

This summer has been great! It was over in just the blink of an eye really...the weather for the most part was incredibly mild but beautiful. We really do live in an amazing place, never mind the fact that our school district has added 9 furlough days to this school year and the kids don't go back until September 13th. We traveled to some amazing places. Our family spent a week in New York City, it's a trip that we will never forget. We were able to do and see so much; Rock of Ages on Broadway, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, an afternoon exploring Harlem's Apollo Theatre and the wonderful restaurant Amy Ruth's, a Sunday in Central Park, Time Square, a Yankees game where we watched A-Rod hit his 600th home run and even a trip over to Hoboken to see the Cake Boss, however we did not wait in line for the 5+ hours to get inside...
My husband and I spend a 4-day weekend in Seattle, the weather was in the 90's and we really enjoyed the time that we spent there visiting Pike Place Market, Bainbridge Island and all of the wonderful restaurants in this gorgeous city.
We even came home with 3 pounds of smoked salmon from here.

I hope that your summer was memorable. Please come back and visit soon for more flea market adventures, product reviews and give-aways. The nice people at CSN Stores have promised some goodies for you in the upcoming months. My master bedroom redux is still in progress and I have visited this site for some inspirations with my project and master bedroom furniture sets!