French Press

In our house we use one of these….

every morning….there’s just something a little more romantic about a French press on the table accompanied by a generous pitcher of half & half (the fat free is actually very good by Land O Lakes)…plus I don’t really want to clutter my counter with a coffee maker but I would clutter it with one of these ....someday....
….but until then we use our French press, we have several but prefer the insulated one we purchased a few years ago…my recent dilemma has been our tea kettle…I put the kettle on a few weeks ago and when I went to pour the boiling water into the French press half of the handle detached from the kettle….it had melted off….I purchased this kettle about a year ago and I did not pay much for it…in fact I probably paid the min for it at the maxx…don’t get me wrong I love me some TJ Maxx…where was I? CSN recently asked me to review one of their products and the timing was perfect…I just received the tea kettle that I ordered….
is it not darling! It’s from the Paula Dean line of products and the quality seems very good and I don’t believe the handle will be melting off anytime soon. In fact the handle is very comfortable almost like a silicone grip and it stays cool to the touch…I love the look of the kettle with the vintage goose neck. This one holds 2 quarts of water which is perfect for a pot of coffee or tea…CSN has a fabulous selection of tea kettles and the shipping was very speedy.

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