Kina Grannis, our local girl from Mission Viejo! She won the Superbowl's Dorito's music contest with her song "Message from the Heart". She has performed for us at our Relay for Life event for a couple of years. She's super sweet and extremely talented. Her new album has come out and it's definitely worth an itunes download. I love her video Valentine



I have been waiting at the mailbox for the last 2 weeks, very patiently for something very important to arrive!I have been waiting for one of these....mine from years ago expired and was never I had to apply for a new one, but I needed it expedited.and now that it's here in my possession I can get packed...because next week I'm flying off to Rome! My husband will be in Florence next week on business and will be extending his trip so that I can meet up with him for a couple of days in Rome and then a train ride to Florence where we will spend a few more days. I'm so excited...even more so now that my passport is here!

A few more details need to be planned...where we will be staying but we have some hotels that were recommended to us and it's not "tourist season". We've put together a list of places we want to visit; the Vatican, Colusseum, Trevi Fountain, etc. Lot's of espresso, walking, shopping and eating are in order for this little adventure we are embarking on. Buonanotte (good night)!


Recent Finds

Wanted to post some pics of some recent find from the Irvine Flea Market and some goodies that I picked up this morning bright and early! A classic Betsy Johnson piece with heart and key - so fun!
great old red travel case - I think it will be useful to keep my jewelry making supplies in.

a wonderful vintage typewriter!

a big glass jar with green lid - how sweet it will be filled up with sangria this summer!

great little step stool hand painted with cherries!

vintage coffee and tea canisters in cheery red!

big wonderful down filled pillow -

some wonderful vintage tablecloths - keep an eye out on my etsy shop for a few of these....

That's it for now - busy cleaning today and working in the yard a bit - I'm really ready for spring. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Erin