I have been waiting at the mailbox for the last 2 weeks, very patiently for something very important to arrive!I have been waiting for one of these....mine from years ago expired and was never renewed...so I had to apply for a new one, but I needed it expedited.and now that it's here in my possession I can get packed...because next week I'm flying off to Rome! My husband will be in Florence next week on business and will be extending his trip so that I can meet up with him for a couple of days in Rome and then a train ride to Florence where we will spend a few more days. I'm so excited...even more so now that my passport is here!

A few more details need to be planned...where we will be staying but we have some hotels that were recommended to us and it's not "tourist season". We've put together a list of places we want to visit; the Vatican, Colusseum, Trevi Fountain, etc. Lot's of espresso, walking, shopping and eating are in order for this little adventure we are embarking on. Buonanotte (good night)!


Lori Lamb said...

I love, LOVE, love Rome ... and so will you. Stumbled upon your blog and will be following it faithfully from now on. Have a fabulous Italian holiday!

Deb's Creative Art said...

Oh Gosh, i want to go so bad, take pictures of everyting for me, art...art...art.... oh gosh, have fun and if you can, upolad pictures as you go.... Love u