Off to the Races!

Just a quick post this morning, I'm sitting here listening to the birds chirp at 6am
on a Saturday. Hubby is with friends this weekend - they will cheer on their favorite team at Lambeau field tomorrow in Green Bay, WI! Our youngest is running this morning at OC Champs, he's running varsity today, his coach gave him his varsity uniform yesterday...he's nervous...we're so proud of him, he's a sophomore you know and our "baby". Here he is last weekend finishing 5th for the varsity race in Huntington Beach. It's going to be in the 80's this weekend in So Cal - hard to believe it's the middle of October. I plan to do some comfort food cooking this weekend, read a magazine or two and hang out with my boys - who am I kidding? My teenagers don't want to hang out with me! My oldest is still snoozing in his room and will be for several hours more I am sure - lucky guy! Enjoy your weekend everyone - it's going to be a great one.

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