Show & Tell

Saturday turned out to be an excellent trashing day! One neighborhood and many great finds. A cute little neighborhood near mine was having a neighborhood garage sale. I love these - drive, park and shop. There is an Irish man that I have bought things from before and I purchased a brand new set of (4) Irish Music CD's for $2. From another home I scored a cute little suitecase, a milk glass vase, a couple of oval table/display mirrors and a milk glass urn. The last house I stopped was almost missed because I could not remember if I had gone down that street...she had amazing things!! I bought the little vintage step stool for $5, the glass plant mister for $1, the set of three pink pyrex covered bakers for $8, the set of brand new repro-vintage paper dolls for $2, black wooden tool carrier and the laundry sign for $3. She had the sweetest shabby chic hutch priced at $100. I passed but went back by her house after my errands a few hours later and it was marked down to $60. Luv it - I bought it loaded it in the explorer and took it straight down to JoAnn's Hometown Antique Mall to my little space - even small now with this crammed in. It's adorable with glass cabinets on top, shuttered cabinets in the mid section and another cabinet at the bottom. I'll get a pix posted - hopefully it will sell before I get the chance. My other great find was a practically new Fossil handbag - so cute and perfect for Spring - soft leather, cute shape for a mere $3.

Thursday night the girls and I went to Border's Books and saw one of our favorite authors Jodi Picoult. Her new book sounds like a good one; Change of Heart. She's so interesting to listen to; she talks about her research, favorite books, etc.

Hubby is still hoping for the final word on a job that he really wants - we'll be celebrating for sure when it's a done deal!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a lot of great finds, Erin! I don't think you would have found such great deals at LB this weekend. The vintage stepstool is particularly cute, isn't it?

I will have to go visit your antique space soon.
Hope you are having a happy week!
xo Lidy

Shakadal said...


Linda said...

WOW! You hit the mother lode...great finds. Love the pink pyrex, I hardly ever see anything in the pink. Enjoy all the treasures. Linda