Tent Sale this Saturday!

No, I won't be hosting a circus at my home... Just a fabulous tent sale ~ lot's of antiques and treasures. Many great deals from 9am~2pm on Saturday, July 11th. If you don't have my address please leave me a comment and I'll respond back to you with details!


The Tattered Cottage said...

OOOOOOH, I wish I lived closer, I would be there for sure! Good luck on your sale.

The Faded Cottage said...

OMG Erin,
YOUR having a sale!!! Not sure if I can make it but please save some stuff for when I see in you August. Of course you can just cancel the sale and ship me all the stuf, hahaha.
Have a great time, Janice

The Kramer Angle said...

Where do you live!? I want to come!

Thank yoU!