Happy Birthday!

Our oldest turned 16 today! He's such a nice young man with a wicked sense of humor, a wonderful guitar player, a big brother, he's good hearted, fun loving and loves Chipotle.
Tonight we surprised him at our favorite little Mexican restaurant with about 20 of his friends and family! He was SOOOO surprised! He wanted to go to Chipotle after his guitar lesson tonight but I told him we needed to stop at Casa and pick up some items that had been delivered there by my husband's company by mistake on our way. When we walked in he was shocked when his friends all yelled "SURPRISE"! His best friend Kaley helped me get everyone there for the dinner and the card that she made him was the best - they've been friends for about 4 years now; like brother and sister really...she had put together a collage of photos from over the years, it was really awesome! We served carrot cake - his favorite (mine too) and oreo cookie cake for everyone else :) After he got over the initial shock he had a great time...even more fun was talking to him on the way home about the planning and what he thought when he walked into the restaurant. He has an appointment to get his drivers license in another week ~ where does the time go??
Check out the Farm Chicks - they are having a give away and I know if you have not visited their blog yet, you will be hooked! They are fabulous and I'm so hoping to visit their Farm Chicks show soon. I need to order their new cookbook as I know it will be chock full of wonderful recipes!


tardevil said...

Hope he had a great birthday!

Princess Danell said...

That picture is exactly how I remember the boys. Although, I do remember Patrick wearing a green Peter Pan hat forever. Can't believe our babies are driving. Wish him good luck on his driver's test.