When you hear the word what comes to mind? A rich delicious chocolate cake? An afternoon at a spa being pampered?
Bathroom floor tiles? Oh yes! Truly decadent! The wonderful home that we stayed in last weekend had something truly decadent! Heated bathroom floors! I think it was one of my favorite parts of the house....not the 9 lovely bedrooms with fluffy down comforters and gorgeous quilts on each bed, the amazing kitchen with the Wolf stove, a center island as big as my king size bed or the surround sound that was like being inside a concert hall....yes it was the heated bathroom floors. It made getting out of the shower on a chilly morning more tolerable and that middle of the night run to the potty more bearable. Funny I know!

Here is where we were so fortunate to stay - this is the before picture of the Cow Barn before it was renovated. It's nestled in the woods with a wonderful creek running through the property.

And this is the Cow Barn Lodge today...gorgeous and room was on the right side towards the back. This sits on Francis Ford Coppola's estate is it not absolutely stunning!?

Thank you Mr. Coppola for allowing us the privilege to enjoy this home with our friends!


Deb's Creative Art said...

forget the bathroom floor heater, give me that cake :)

Roberta said...

Those tiles are beautiful! And radiant heat? Gotta love it. Looks like a gorgeous stay. You can get the Jeanne d'Arc on my site Erin. Thanks for stopping by. Did you make it to the flea market?
xo Roberta