Saturday Finds & Mother's Day

Well Saturday was the annual Lake Forest Garden Club's boutique and plant sale. It usually takes place the day before Mother's Day and these ladies have such an awesome event. Whatever I have bought and planted has thrived and you can't beat their prices. I bought 4 huge ivy plants for $2. each, a small hydranga and a few other plants that are new to me but I only spent $16. for all of the plants. Their boutique was awesome, just look at the darling chandy that I bought - it's hanging over my dining table now out on the patio. I embelished it a bit with crystals and darling shades. I luv it! I also found the cute little iron gate things and a metal caddy.
Mother's Day was wonderful! My guys made a scrumptious brunch; fresh raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with sweet cream. Smoked salmon and peppered salami...

my husband's homemade banana bread...I must have bought two dozen bananas last week because everyone in my house was making smoothies...we ended up having about 12 left over that could only be used for one thing...nana bread.

and a yummy, yummy frittata with feta cheese, tomatoes and garlic chives.

My guys are the absolute best! We had a wonderful day browsing shops in Fullerton and having a late lunch. Jake the Blog Dog agrees it was one of the nicest days ever!


Allidink said...

Aw Jake is so cute! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. You're breakfast looks delicious. Cute finds :)

All the best,

The Tattered Cottage said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chandy!! The gates and caddy are great finds also. Sounds like you have a wonderful family and spent a memorable Mother's Day with them. Jake is a cutie patootie! :)

Chandra said...

I found your blog through the Farm Chicks! Love the chandelier & gate...such beautiful finds!