My Mother's Day Present!

About 2 weeks ago I sent my hubby an email hinting to him that I would very much like the Farm Chicks new cookbook "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen". Well a funny thing happened the next day; someone that I know from my company asked me to help out with a situation involving a reservation that he had made for a family friend. I was happy to help - not a big deal, he was now in another state and he needed a voucher for this friend. I asked him to email me the details and I would take care of it. He sent me the details and I did not pay too much attention or make a connection with the name of the guest...I confirmed back to him that all was taken care of - end of story? No...the following day I came into the office and had an email from Serena Thompson thanking me for helping out with the arrangements...as I scrolled down in disbelief it was indeed from Serena of The Farm Chicks! I sat and stared at the screen for a few minutes - I have followed them for a long time and have purchased goodies for myself and friends from their wonderful web-site. I emailed her back letting her know that the day before I had asked my husband for their book (I even emailed her a copy of the emails he and I exchanged). Well I had the pleasure of meeting Serena earlier this week and she brought me this!!! YIPPEEE!
She even signed it for me :)
Have you ever looked forward to meeting someone that you admire only to be disappointed by the expectation that you had of them? This was NOT the case - Serena is the most gracious and sweet lady you will ever meet, really lovely in every way and I only wished we could have spent more time with each other. I won't be able to get up their way for the show in a few weeks but I am definitely planning to visit Serena and Teri next year! If you don't have this book already (maybe I'm the only one that didn't) run don't walk to pick up a copy - it's lovely! The recipes are wonderful, the photographs are gorgeous and the stories of how they started their dream are inspiring to say the least! Thank you Serena for the wonderful gift!


Allidink said...

Oh my gosh I want this book so bad! I am waiting to buy it on Amazon. Lucky you!

All the best,

littlebyrd said...

What a great story!! What are you going to make first? :)