Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! It was a wonderful day indeed! I set up my space for tomorrow at Piecemakers Flea Market in Costa Mesa. For any of you in So. Cal it's located at Harbor and Adams ~ West a few blocks at Mesa Verde. There are over 100 dealers that will be selling tomorrow and my sneak peak this afternoon was delightful. I'll try not to shop too much LOL! I'll be there bright and early with plenty of goodies! My day started out with a very surreal email that I'll share more about in another post but someone that I very much admire in this crazy/fun business of ours will be in my neighborhood soon and I look forward to meeting her in person very soon. Enjoy the weekend!


Allidink said...

Dang! The one time I work on a Saturday and I found out about this flea market...poo. Does it go on every weekend? Or just the beginning of the month? Hope you have a great time.

All the best,

littlebyrd said...

Oh - I wish there were more weekly markets around here. I am going to try some estate sales today. Good luck with your sale today! And yes! I am going to Farm Chicks. My BF from LA is flying here and we are driving up - will you be there?!

Kasey said...

oh,how i love may.

Deb's Creative Art said...

I love your site, it inspires me... it's one of my favorites... you are a wonderful person!!

Love u, Deb