A little bit of this & a little bit of that!

Things are looking up! Hubby started his new career/dream job yesterday - YEAH! Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers! Hint...it has something to do with fermented grape juice :)

Funny thing happened to me this morning at the office, I was alone in the pantry and noticed that our high-tech pod coffee maker was running low on water, so as I normally do I use the hose/sprayer to fill up the tank, the sprayer has been leaking lately so for some unknown reason I decided to fiddle with it while I had the water on...the right side of my body was immediately drenched! I was wearing a cute white blouse today - instant wet t-shirt contest going on! I had a meeting in the office in 10 minutes. I closed the pantry door and locked it - luckily we have an iron and ironing board in the office - quickly took off the blouse and ironed it dry! Only problem now was my bra was drenched...I proceded to very carefully iron my bra while still wearing it so that when I put my dry blouse back on it did not look like I was lactating! I have never worked so hard in my life for a cup of coffee! Is it Friday yet!! Some friends at worked loved my little episode and invited me to join their Stoopid Girls Club.

Construction is underway on our front porch - will post before and after pix soon. Old icky porch cover is down, new aluma-wood cover going up soon along with an arbor. Well I'm off now to our last home Lacross game - the season went by too quickley. GO MUSTANGS!


Linda said...

Hi Erin...I can't help but laugh, your story is too funny. Necessity is the mother of invention... thank goodness for the iron and board, I'm glad you didn't burn yourself while ironing your bra:). Linda

Shabbyfufu said...

Thanks for the visit Erin. What a funny story~I love to read blogs that show a personal side!

Flea Market Queen said...

Hi Erin...
Just looking at some of your sale finds and I have to ask where do you go?
I haven't hit a good rummage sale in ages!
Are you going to Vintage Vavoom?
Take care...