What was I thinking?

I must think that I'm Superwoman! Well, I spent 3 hours working on my little space at Joann's Hometown Antiques Mall and I really paid the price! My little back is is aching - I could barely sit through the church service Saturday evening and today I laid low (which is really hard to do) with a heating pad on my back. I was busy moving these hutches around to re-position things a bit and make my space a little more open and inviting (I hope). Let me know what you think! The little gold table was from my friend Leanne - it sold while I was at the shop to a lovely lady named Teresa who was at the shop with her friend Sharon who will be moving into one of the spaces at the Mall. The little table is so unique - it spins inside and is great storage for all those trashy novels! The set of Limoges dishes are the sweetest; a luncheon set for 12; plates, cups and saucers, berr bowls and a sugar bowl. They are a steal! I hope you enjoy the virtual shopping trip!


Anonymous said...

Be careful..

I have a question for you, how much are those red roses glasses you have in your antique space?
Are you selling them for a set or each one priced separately ? Also, how much in the apron?
The reason I am asking is I used to have those glasses about 10 years ago and they were my daughter's favorite glasses and everytime she comes home and sees I no longer have them she comments on it. I thought it would be cool to get some more and I have been looking but never find any in antique malls. Thanks, :) Bren
Glad you liked my blog.

Anonymous said...

I got the big CAKE letters at HOBBY LOBBY.....:) Bren

Flea Market Queen said...

Hi Erin...Hope your back is better!
Where is Joanns? I have never been...

Anonymous said...

where is this antique mall located? I live in O.C. and would like to shop there. It looks like you have a bunch of neat stuff in your space.