Birthday Weekend & Lots of Laughs!

What a fun weekend! Saturday I enjoyed a trip to Paris to the Moon with my husband where he bought me the birthday crown - a friend told me that I looked like Glenda the Good Witch :) We stopped at Santa Monica Seafood and enjoyed Clam Chowder, Fish and Chips and a glass for wine before heading to the dog park with Jake. Last night after church we headed to for a fun dinner with friends and lot's of laughs about a dessert called wemakeallot or we make a lot of our own desserts... this morning the girls and I went to see Atonement - it was a wonderful movie!! A++ and then we walked over to Pepino's and ate salads, deep fried zucchini and lina rolls - with Ranch dressing (how do you say Ranch and roll the R? Well our waiter had it down pretty good and just for our amusement and to have him say it one more time I asked him for a side of dressing for my salad to go! Thanks for an awesome birthday!


Scrappy Jessi said...

thanks for leaving a comment.
you are so cute. love the crown~! very fabulous!
happy birthday!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute photo of you....:)
xo Lidy

FrenchGardenHouse said...

ps..I have never been to the orange flea...pls. email me and let me know when that is?? thanks so much. Went to Irvine today, sadly none of the vendors braved the rain.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Happy Birthday...You hit all my favorite spots!
Paris to the Moon, Lucille's, and the movies!
Love the crown...