Fun Finds

We had some fun yesterday at a neighborhood rummage sale! Not only did we come home with many wonderful things but we also filled up on delicious egg rolls from Janice Huynh. My cute shopping cart was even in the photo taken of her while I was standing in line....yes I really ate 5 of them but they were small...she has been making and selling these for 20 years. Her family was in the back cooking up an order of 400 that were going to be picked up at 9am. She was so sweet and really loves to see all the people in line. When I was in line they were putting out a sign behind us that they were sold out until 11am!
Cute chippy green tool box
Gorgeous chocolate pot and 4 cups, in pristine condition!
A set of Quaker Hurricane silver plated S&P shakers, and handful of skeleton keys and some ironstone platters. I also purchased a chippy white headboard - full size which I don't have but for $2. I could not this one may end up out in the garden....

The big city is calling us and we are leaving soon for a wonderful trip to New York City. The kids have never been - can't wait to share with them.

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Deb's Creative Art said...

I love the keys...:) I took mom to the mermade store this last weekend. I got a hot buy of 4 small black trays for 3.00. Jennifer also bought me my b-day gift. Can't wait to show you.