So the week started off with me plunking down lot's and lot's of $$ for these...
They'll be delivered next week. I sure hope that they fold my laundry and put it all away for me - they should for all the money I'm spending.

No I did not buy this machine...but I did go in this morning for my annual mammogram. Geeze I really try not to watch what's going on but mercy me! Done for another year and I count my lucky stars each year for a phone call with good news!

Friday night we went to Newport Beach for the Jazz at the Beach and listened to the sounds of Al Jarreau. It was a real treat to hear him and he sang many of our favorites. He's getting up in years but is still a wonderful entertainer! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Erin,
Your post is tooo funny about the washer and dryer!! Ya, I wish someone would do my laundry too. Thanks for the comment on my post. Can't wait to see you in August, Janice:))

Allidink said...

Oh a new washer and dryer :) How nice. Glad you had a nice jazzy night.

All the best,