We're celebrating this weekend - the Class of 2009! Two very awesome young girls graduated Thursday night and we're celebrating them this weekend. Two of my besties in the world are celebrating each of their oldest daughters accomplishments - they are so very proud.
These girls have talent, passion, drive and the wonderful lessons that their parents and family's have taught them. I know that they will be successful in the next chapters of their lives. Going off to college and taking with them wonderful memories of growing up in our neighborhood.

Last night my friend and I made the tissue paper pom poms like the one's shown above for the graduates celebration this afternoon. Ours were in hues of "Tiffany Blue". They were so much fun to make - addicting really! I also made a sweet banner for the honoree (I'll try to snap a pic later at the party)


Allidink said...

Those are so cool! What a fun party for them. After high school, time flies in college, I'm not sure if I'm liking it LOL.

All the best,

Deb's Creative Art said...

Erin, thanks for the loan of ALL your chairs and tables for Amanda's party. thank you for coming and being such a wonderful part of our lives. you inspire the best in everyone!!

The decor for Marissa's party was adorable, I love the tissure balls. AND the banner, adorable!

talent girl, you got lots!!!

love u