Estate Sale Finds

There were not many sales on Saturday morning but I did poke around at one estate sale. Not much that I found interesting but I did pick up these three pieces.

The pin with the green stone is a Trifari and the rhinestone bracelet is not market but all stones are intact and it's just very sweet. The floral piece was very unusual and I'm still researching it; it does not have a pin on the back so i think it must be a pendant that you string on a cord. My dear friend, Leanne from Dazzling Melange in TX who is the jewelry expert has been sent photos so we'll see what she thinks about it! Stay tuned for her response!

It's pouring rain here today in So. Cal - we need the rain but I'm looking forward to the sunshine again!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the rain and can't get motivated to do anyting. Help Erin, help me get motivated to create... e-gads... Miss u, Deb

tardevil said...

I thought I had seen that CA got a snow storm...but I wondered if I had mis-read? I like the star looking piece with the green center almost looks like an emerald. Got the mail notice! Thanks! :O)

Rebecca said...

Wonderful finds! I love finding jewelry especially enamel flower pins. :)