Our Adventure in New York City Part I

Our long weekend in NYC was a blast! My sister and I both flew into the city Thursday evening - her flight leaving MN was 3 hours late so after I had settled into our suite here I walked back to Grand Central Station to meet her shuttle. After she freshened up we were off for our first subway adventure to Little Italy. We got off the train at Canal street - the heart of Chinatown and just a few short blocks away was Mulberry Street. Our destination was Grotta Azuara which was recommended to me by Christi. The food was delicious; zucchini, bruschetta, caesar salad, chicken marsala and the gnocchi with walnuts and blue cheese. The bottle of chianti that we sipped was yummy too! The narrow street lined with restaurants and shops looked like something right out of the movies and the gentlemen outside of the restaurants or "barkers" were hilarious. I can't tell you how many of them offered us a "nice table in front of the fire". We browsed a bit after dinner on our way back to the subway and purchased a couple of pashmina's - who could resist for $5. a piece?"Hi Honey! How are the kids doing? We're having a great time"!

We then hopped on the subway back Uptown to Rockefeller Center. It was gorgeous and we were able to see the famous Christmas tree before it was taken down the following morning. The skating rink looks so much small in person than it does on television. We were going to skate but the next session did not begin until 10:30pm and we were a bit tired from traveling all day. We attempted to get up to the Rainbow Room but it had already closed for the evening so we planned to try again the following day. Back to our hotel in cab - just 5 short blocks but these weary travelers were looking forward to a little rest before our adventure in the morning at Regis & Kelly.

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