Birthday Bliss!

Silly girl me trying to take a picture of us all with my short arms!

Birthday bliss today with my best friends! Tomorrow is the actual day but today was celebrating with my very bestest friends. We headed out to the Irvine Flea Market with yummy chai latte's in hand this morning. It was a gorgeous day for browsing and shopping; I ended up making just one purchase - my lovely weathered crown. We had so much fun looking through "attitude" rings - the cute vendor had such a selection however we did not buy just looked and thought that having a 5+ carat diamond was not very believable. Jill purchased a really cute vintage Santa pin for next year and Debra purchased some great old bottles that we know she will create something wonderful with. Dar aka our little chocolate lab (she had the softest jogging outfit that reminded us of a chocolate lab puppy) did not buy anything today... Jill decided that she needs a chandelier in her kitchen and the one we saw was almost $300. We'll be keeping our out for the perfect one for her now. Then it was over to a loverly waterfront brunch in Irvine where we enjoyed mimosa's and delicious crab and avocado filled omeletes.

Thank you BFF's for a really fun day ~ love you all!!

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