Back from our Road Trip

Wow our trip to our favorite city by the bay was a blast - despite the fact that all 4 of us were fighting nasty colds. As we crossed over the Bay Bridge Thursday evening we readied ourselves for the walking, laughing and eating that awaited us. Our first stop after checking into our suite overlooking downtown was a cab ride down to Northbeach where we had an un-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of the best pizza and pasta we've had in a long time. We laughed and ate and gave thanks for having this time together. After dinner we made the walk back to our hotel cutting through Chinatown and Union Square. Trying to decide what we wanted to do the next day; breakfast at Ealge Cafe at Pier 39 followed by a possible trip out to Alcatraz and then on to the Golden Gate Bridge. Our breakfast at the Eagle Cafe was a bit disappointing; the new owners decided to remodel about 2 years ago - it still had some of it's character but we missed placing our order at the counter and then having them call out your order. It's a little fancier now and the menu is too but also a little more $$. Nevertheless we laughed a lot and filled our stomachs with pancakes, coffee and bacon. Just a few steps outside were the sea lions all camped out - so fun to watch and such personalities they have. We then walked through the Wharf and passed on chowder, shrimp cocktails and more. We were on a mission to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. A little further than we remembered - where was that cab when you needed it? After walking through the Marina district and looking at the lovely homes we ambled through Fort Mason and then finally Fort Point. The boys ran around and we looked in awe at the beautiful bridge. A passerby took a wonderful shot of us under the bridge - this was to be our Christmas card; however one of the guys was not smiling so we'll take a some shots in front of the fire here at home. Our next destination was the House of Nanking at Kearny and Columbus for the best Chinese food ever! Always a line out the door here and owner Peter always outdoes himself. We usually let him order for us and we're never disappointed. Another walk through Union Square followed and of course some window shopping. After a bit of relaxing back at the hotel we waited for a cab and beat it down to the Marina District to visit Guiseppe at E'Angelos for the world's best carbonarra! We were not disappointed and again were just in time to beat the line forming outside his doors. Our cab ride back to the hotel that night was very entertaining; our driver Buzz had just recorded a CD and sang to us all the way back downtown - what a character he was. The next morning was for sleeping in and after we were packed up we drove out to the Avenues; 10th and Clement for breakfast at the Hamburger Haven - the place has not changed a bit and the chef there still puts out a great breakfast. Another stop at the bagel shop for some treats to take home and then lastly to Dino's on Fillmore and California for a slice of heaven - his pizza is still the best! Pulling into our street Saturday night we were greeted by all of our neighbor's Christmas lights - I can't believe the season is here! Time to pull out the Christmas decorations and get busy.

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