The Peddlers Market

Please come by this Saturday, August 2nd
Linda and I will be selling our treasures under the very colorful canopy
Held twice a year you will find some sweet treasures and
some of the best pie! If you are there please say "hello"!
Plenty of shade under the eucalyptus trees!
Piecemakers Peddler's Market: about 60 booths of "great junk" (this may be a oxymoron elsewhere else, but not here)! Everyone comes to buy, sell or visit. Admission is free.
Piecemakers Country Store 1720 Adams Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714) 641-3112


Linda said...

I know I would love this Peddlers Market...if I were closer I'd be there for sure.

Have a great day and lots of sales! Hugs, Linda

Joanne Kennedy said...

OH NO!!!! I missed out on another one of your great sales! I've been wanting to go to to Piece Makers too. I've heard so many good things about shopping there. I can't believe I've never been.


Cali Homemaker said...

I wish I knew about this sooner! I live in southen cali.. im new to the area and am trying to find places to go shopping... thrifts/flea markets...... can you help me? Thanks! :o)

kate said...

Oh how I wish you were closer to Dallas, Tx! I would be first in line..