The Backyard Boutique was a SUCCESS!!

Yesterday was a success and so much fun despite the soaring temps! I was so thrilled to see Pam "the Canopy Lady". She drove al the way up from San Diego and shopped like crazy. I wish she and I lived closed - she has such great energy and I am so excited about her possible move to the East Coast to make all her dreams come true! A few of my neighbors came by that I had never met and totally made my day. One of them said "I just had to meet the person that owns this house. I walk or drive by ever day and it's just so cute what you have done." She also told me that she looks forward to our dancing ghosts in the front yard every October. The "Furniture Queen" snapped up the creamy chenille chair , the 2 high back white porch chairs SOLD, shabby chic plant holders, mirrors, chair planters all SOLD, silver coffee pots SOLD. It was a great time to see all these treasures going to wonderful new homes!

Just a glimpse of what was for sale...

The cute little porcelein heart and spade found a new home!

The jewels had many fans and the pedestals went flying out the garden gate - little glimpse of the red one in the photo. I only brought one out that was cream colored and when my friend saw it she was so excited and the all the ladies in the yard wanted one - well I happened to have more not yet unpacked and broke them out - glad they have new homes!

The "Laundry" sign went home to add a smile to someone's laundry room
and the vintage linens were a hit!
One of the pedestals in cream....

I'm planning to hold another sale the first weekend in October!
Until then the hubby and I have tickets to see John Mayer tonight! 6th row center - I love him! Enjoy the rest or your weekend!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I am SO sorry I missed out on this sale! Looks like you had lots of great things. I'm going to try my best to make it in Oct.

I really wanted to go this last time.

I see so many things I would have loved to buy from you.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

LOVE your music! And oh, how I would've loved to have come to this sale!!!

Ok, now pack up your stuff and shut down that glad you are coming along on the blogger adventure! Two weeks, think anyone will miss us?


Happy night,

The Faded Cottage said...

Hi Erin,
I hope you saved some goodies for the peddlers mart, yep we will be there in February to shop,shop and shop!!! Have a great time at the concert. Hope to see you soon, Janice