Saturday Finds!

Today I slept in a bit and headed out for some Saturday morning treasure hunting and WOW what a morning! I stopped at a fabulous sale that Ginny (a fellow dealer from another Antiques mall) was having. I ended up spending about $30. and came home with a vintage table crumber, glass cloche, fabulou apothocary jar, 4 kidnes shaped dishes, a vintage bike basked (I'll share later what I did with that), 2 shabby chic bird candle holders, some ephemera, and an iron display piece. One quick stop on the way home yielded a bird cage, oversize fork and spoon (tags still on) and the cute bangle with different "E" fonts! "E" for Erin or Eccentric! I have to decide what I'm keeping and what s going to the shop tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!


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We should have a great day today.

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A former Edwards campaign staff member professes to be the father.

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In an interview which aired on ABC's "Nightline" on Friday night, Edwards said he would be willing to take a paternity test to put the issue to rest but wasn't sure whether Hunter would be willing to.

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The National Enquirer first reported on the affair in October 2007 in the run-up to the Democratic primaries, and Edwards denied it.

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In her statement Friday, Elizabeth Edwards said it wasn't easy to find out about the extramarital affair in 2006 but indicated she did not believe that her husband was the father of Hunter's daughter.

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Debbie Kay said...

Looks like you scored some amazing treasures......

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